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Voices from #OERxDomains21

As with every year we are collecting links to blog posts and resources for and about the conference. If you’d like to add yours, please share it with #OERxDomains21 or email [email protected] Thanks for sharing.


Blog Posts

OERxDomains21 – All Change by Lorna Campbell Bringing Down The Pyramids by teresamacDomains21: Hope on the Airwaves – the #ds106radio Sunday Special by bavatuesdays
Let’s go to the ocean – April review by Martin Weller
Revisiting critical digital practice at OER21 by Helen Beeham
OERxDomains21 Celebrating a first of firsts by Maren Deepwell
Digital (un)tethering #OERxDomains21 by Clare Thomson
OERxDomains21’s Headless Program by Jim Groom
Participate in Open Space session exploring the relationship between open practices, copyright literacy and the shift to online teaching by Greg Walters @ALTCoOLSIG
On the Go Mindfulness Activities By Lori Yearwood and Erica Hargreave
Take a step back, breathe…and jump in by Louise Drumm
Unity in Conference Design: What’s your OER conference threezer? by Helen DeWaard and Autumm Caines
Furthering access, equity and pedagogy: Developing a new OER/OEP resource By Catherine Cronin, Celine Peignen, Claire McAvinia and Angelica Risquez
Unicorns and Rainbows #OERxDomains21 by Deb Baff
Open Education. A Game of Digital Thrones? By Pip McDonald
Participation as self-care by Rosemarie McIlwhan
#OERxDomains21: Connecting people and communities by Martina Emke and Ronny Röwert
Open viewed from the stands by Clare Thomson & Kate Molloy
Laura Gibbs’s OERxDomains21 Prenote turned Keynote by Jim Groom
Increase your Potential Serendipity Energy at #OERxDomains21 by Alan Levine
Being in the OERx Domains Space by Sheila MacNeill
#OERxDomains21…by Anne-Marie Scott
OER21…by Tom Farrelly
Innovation in Adversity – Discover #OERxDomains21 Online, 21-22 April 2021 by Joe Wilson
Remixing our Open Education Online Conference by Maren Deepwell

A Reflective Pit Stop on my Open Dissertation Journey  by Gabi WItthaus
Strictly Come (Digital) Dancing by Pip Macdonald
Open practices, copyright literacy and online teaching by Alt CoOL SIG