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Session & Scholarship Sponsor

National Institute for Digital Learning, Dublin City University

The National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) at Dublin City University (DCU) aims to be a world leader at the forefront of designing, implementing and researching new Blended, On-line and Digital (BOLD) models of education which help to transform lives and societies. We have over 30-years experience of providing Open Education and the NIDL is fully committed to promoting access, equity and social justice through Open Educational Practices (OEP). The NIDL is well connected internationally to other leading research and development centres and in 2019 will host in Dublin the 28th ICDE World Conference on Online Learning.


Twitter: @NIDL_DCU


Scholarship Sponsor

Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim Hosting provides educators and institutions with an easy way to offer their students domains and web hosting that they own and control. Our goal is to make the process of offering a flexible web space and domain name to your students as easy as possible and giving you the support you need to make it all happen.


Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN)

Are you researching open education?

The Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) is a Hewlett funded network of doctoral researchers and experts in open education. Our aims:

– raising the profile of research into open education

– offering support for relevant doctoral research

– promoting educational equity and inclusion

– developing openness as a research process

GO-GN connects and supports members through events; collaboration; support for conference attendance; outreach and dissemination; fellowships; and discounted rates for services. The achievements of members are celebrated each year through annual awards.

GO-GN is free to join via



Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) is a nonprofit organization that helps overcome legal obstacles to the sharing of knowledge and creativity to address the world’s pressing challenges. All are welcome to join the CC Open Education Platform.

Website: Creative Commons

Twitter: @creativecommons


Open Academia

The Open Access movement has changed the world of publishing forever. As Open Access publishing evolves and gains momentum, traditional publishing houses have a hard time keeping up. The need for author-friendly, flexible and highly configurable systems, has left many publishers in the backwaters. More and more academic societies are now turning to open source technologies to manage digital publishing on their own. And that is where Open Academia comes in.

Open Academia is ALT’s publishing partner for Research in Learning Technology.


Positive Internet Company

The Positive Internet Company ( has been an innovative open-technology company since 1998. Focusing on high-end hosting with second-to-none customer support, we own and operate our own data center near Cambridge, UK with hundreds of our own servers (almost all running Debian). We host and maintain a variety of systems, many of these are fully managed by the Positive technical team. In addition to working with some big and interesting corporations (including major financial organizations and media groups) and household names (British celebrities like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry), we host none other than the father of Free Software himself, Richard M. Stallman.