Guidance for Session Chairs

Thank you for chairing a session as part of the OERxDomains Conference. Please take an opportunity to familiarise yourself with our Guidance for Session Chairs and get in touch with [email protected] at your earliest opportunity should you have any questions or require assistance.

This year’s conference will be delivered via our conference platform using Streamyard and Discord and we will send you a session chair link to the sessions you are chairing.

As a session chair, you are responsible for:

  1. Introducing the speaker and the session title. 
  2. Monitoring the chat/questions coming in and facilitating the interaction between the audience and the speaker. 
  3. Keeping the session to time. 

Chairing sessions on Streamyard


Before the session

Joining the session

Chairing the session

Private chat

Session hosts

Questions from participants

Discord channels

Help is at hand

Session recordings

Code of Conduct and netiquette

Netiquette – a guide for social media sharing